Col's Motor Cycle Collection

Colin opened up his work shop to allow members to inspect his collection of Vintage and Veteran motorcyles on the 18th of August. The photo shows Colin demonstarting how to start a cycle. Peter enjoyed a ride with Colin in his 1913 Humber.

Newport Workshops Inspection!

An Inspection of various parts of the Newport Railway Workshops was held on Saturday the 21st April. About 30 members enjoyed a full tour of restoration works on R707, the regauging of an R Class loco and electrical rail projects. The photos shows the group being addressed by Rodney Hudson.

Wood Workers Expo Display

A display was mounted at the Ballarat Wood Workers Guild display over the 17 & 18th of March.

A stand with members work at the expo

Previous Working Bees

A group of members laying rail. Steel bar is being pressed into slotted plastic sleepers with a jack, this forms the rails.

A group of members enjoy a joke during a break in works.